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How to Communicate – When People Won’t Evacuate

Hurricanes, floods, wildfires. Depending on where you live there are times when authorities tell you it’s in your best interests to leave your home. This gets people to safety and creates necessary room for emergency teams they so desperately need. Evacuation is scary for residents. Some may have a chronic illness, some are afraid their home or property may be damaged or looted, and yes good old-fashioned stubbornness is another factor. Sometimes people feel they can do a better job of protecting their property than emergency officials and they aren’t necessarily always wrong. But emergency teams are beginning to notice a trend. The percentage of people refusing to leave is growing and that’s creating more danger. Additionally, there are stories of verbal abuse and intimidation toward emergency personnel trying to do a very difficult job. What is a communications pro to do? Guest: Tim Conrad, APR, Butterfly Effect Communications


The Communications Golden Hour: The Essential Guide to Public Information When Every Minute Counts

The Communications Golden Hour®: The Essential Guide to Public Information When Every Minute Counts captures what Doug Levy and dozens of other experienced PIOs have learned the hard way in crises and emergencies of all kinds. With lessons from those who have been on the front lines and in the headlines, the all-new second edition teaches both government and corporate communicators how to be ready for anything. Updated with case studies on the Covid-19 pandemic, racial justice protests, and major disasters like the Florida building collapse.

Tim Conrad, APR, is profiled at the start of Chapter 15 - Disasters.