“ I have always enjoyed Tim’s positive attitude when working on difficult community projects. Impossible is not a word in Tim’s vocabulary. Tim works well under pressure and meets deadlines. ” – Rick Welsford, via LinkedIn

With 20 years working in public relations, marketing and strategy, Tim Conrad has been through the grinder in business, government, non-profit, and advocacy circles. His career as a generalist practitioner has been far-reaching, with many experiences working as an employee, volunteer, and entrepreneur with dozens of organizations. The news and media industries have changed drastically in those years, (see this blog post for a few examples) and Tim has always been ahead of the change as he is a futuristic thinker.

“Tim was an excellent support to me when I held the Chief Operating Officer’s position with Aquatera Utilities Inc. Tim was an integral part of the Aquatera Corporate Team and, when needed, would always provide his excellent input.

I found Tim as an intelligent, knowledgeable and incredibly resourceful individual always willing to provide his assistance when requested.” – Michel Savard, Senior Manager, Opus Stewart Weir, via LinkedIn

This is Tim’s second communications and marketing business, after running Ripple Connection Promotions from 2000-06, a company he started on $100 and grew to a client base of over 70.

“Tim has a deep understanding of the complex communications environment we live and work in today. That translates to a clear understanding of adding value to a business & stakeholders. Organised, a listener and collaborator. Tim also understands the complexities of social media and the dynamics of today’s hyper-connected digital world.” – Giles Crouch, Managing Partner,  THISTLWOOD via LinkedIn

Having worked in various  organizations  over the past decade, including an industry non-profit, government and municipal corporation, Tim has an expanded knowledge of the complexities of marketing and communications, with a strong background in financial management, public relations,  and leadership backed through Accreditation in Public Relations (APR), and university and college programs.

“I have worked on a number of technology & marketing projects for Tim in the past few years. He is an exceptional PR & Communications Director with outstanding project management skills.

These projects included corporate communication & branding, inter-active flash-based learning modules, application development, social media analysis, digital intelligence gathering and custom intranet and website development.” – Greg Cairns, Technology Consultant – Fuse 360 via LinkedIn


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